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Our Beginnings

In late 2013, an East Coast city girl accepted a diamond ring from a Tulare County farm boy and the two began what is often the hardest part of being engaged: the search for the perfect venue.

After a few weeks of unfruitful attempts to find a place that felt representative of each of them, the two created Westwood Barns. An enchanting meld of east coast class and true-to-farm character came together in this reclaimed yet polished venue, when Westwood Barns opened March 15, 2014 with the marriage of our Barns’ owners. Their wedding brought our 1940s barn back to life inside - complete with a concrete floor for dancing and custom built, oversized chandeliers for twinkling, while outside they added our reclaimed wood bridge, iconic LOVE sign, and a canopy of string lights sure to romance even the most stoic of guests. Fugazzis catered their big day and both parties knew they wanted the joy that evening held to be experienced by many more couples and families for years to come.

Welcome to our forever. Welcome to Westwood Barns.

Our Partnership with Fugazzis

Gabe and Silvia have worked at Fugazzis for the last nine years and have successfully catered hundreds of events in that time. Their catering game is down to a science, and they pride themselves on full-service efficiency that makes even the best of cosmopolitan food service seem effortless. In 2015, they began management of Fugazzis first wedding venue, Victorian Gardens. They are excited to bring that same level of customer service and food innovation to Westwood Barns.

Westwood Barns became “the dream team” in 2019 when Fugazzis took over the day-to-day operations of the venue. As top tier in the valley for catering, event organization, and service, Fugazzis brought unparalleled wedding and event management as well as first class cuisine to exquisite grounds and venue design.

Executive Chef at Fugazzis

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apple and brie crostini, prawns with andouille sausage, lamb pop

Jack Daniel’s steak and Cilantro Lime Chicken, with White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes and grilled veggies

Sample Menu #2

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grilled corn and avocado dip, bruschetta, and coconut prawns.

Filet Mignon, Rack of Lamb, and Poblano Chicken with Scallop Potatoes, broccolini, and jasmine rice

We don’t plan to stop here! We’re excited to offer our new courtyard to tours beginning in 2020, and have more up our sleeve for 2021.

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